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Thoughts on Last Night’s Debate

17 Oct

I watched Part 1 of the U.S. Presidential Debate last night. I know, I’m about two weeks behind. It was really, really interesting. I’m going to watch the second part later in the week.


I don’t like Obama’s blue tie.

I’m not American. Some American issues do not affect me. However, I was still really curious about how Obama and Romney would address several pressing issues.

So, I curled up in bed, plugged my earphones into my iPhone, and played the debate off YouTube. All 1h37 of it.

Here are a few things that I noticed:

  1. Romney reminds me of George Clooney’s character in Ides of March.
  2. They’re always smiling. More importantly, their smiles seem really genuine because their eyes crinkle at the creases. Politicians seem to know some sort of fake smiling secret. I totally want in.
  3. They’re both really great orators. They’re both so charismatic. I think that there should be a larger focus on public speaking and communication, in schools. I mean, there’s a huge emphasis on writing. We’re always writing tests. We’re always writing essays and assignments. We should learn how to carry ourselves well, too. This would really benefit us at work, in relationships, and in life. That’s it, I’m joining Toastmasters.
  4. Romney talks a lot. Now, he’s got some ideas I agree with (i.e. healthcare should be at the state level). But, he repeats himself a lot. And he keeps focusing on the “what” instead of on the “how.” Americans are in a vulnerable position and they need to know HOW you’re going to fix things.
  5. Obama numbers his ideas. Number one, we’re going to invest in green energy to create jobs in America. Number two, we’re going to invest in our small businesses…
    This is super organized. You keep your points relevant and [hopefully] avoid repeating yourself. I’m going to start doing this in arguments/debates with other people.
  6. Romney kept denying his “trillion dollar plan.” Obama kept referring to it and criticizing it, while Romney was all “Nope, nope. Nevermind. That’s not our plan.” This is pretty representative of most politicians.
  7. And lastly, Romney made a circular argument about federal regulations. This made me smile. That LSAT course didn’t go to waste after all! Here’s a paraphrasing of how it went: Regulation is necessary. You can’t have a free market without regulations. You have to have regulations to make the economy work. Every free economy has regulations. But HOW do they make the economy work? HOW?!

We’re all smiles.

I don’t want to tell you who to vote for. Ignore popular opinions. Read/listen/watch both candidates and understand what they want to do. Once you understand what they want to do, ask yourself “Is this realistic? Will they actually do this? Do they know how they’re going to do it?”

The “how” is important because it gives you insight on how realistic the plan is. For example, let’s say I want to launch a start-up business. I’m going to pay off my student debt by launching a start-up business. My start-up is going to create jobs for my friends who too, need to pay off their debts. We’re gonna make money and be successful.

That’s the “what.” Isn’t it more realistic if I tell you how I’m going to launch the start-up? Or, how my business will be successful? Otherwise, I’m just throwing dreams around without any idea how to make it happen. Wouldn’t you have more faith in me, if I proved to you that I know how to do it, and I’m pressing to get it done?

If you’re struggling to decide, consider this: I’m trying to convince you to lend me money, so that I can launch the start-up business. You’d be more likely to lend me money if I know what I’m doing, put some thought/research into it, and figured out how to do it.

You guys are lending [whoever wins] money. You’re putting the faith of your economy (jobs, mortgages, college education, gas prices, etc.) into this man’s hands.

By the way, check out this cool resource from BBC, called “Spot the Fake Smile.” I got 13/20.

Did you watch the Presidential Debate? What are your thoughts? Share in the comments below!