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Brand Maintenance

11 Jul

Today’s post is about brand maintenance.

We all know that BMW is a luxury sports brand. We know this because they keep reminding us.

If you’ve ever driven one, you’ve felt freedom at your finger tips. Your foot on a cloud. And the wind in your hair.

Take it all in: a breath of crisp freedom.

I’m not a fan of BMW solely because I prefer Japanese engineering over German. But this commercial almost converted me.

All of BMW’s signature elements are there. And not a detail to be spared! Stylish and shiny new car? Check. An accelerating purr? Check. A few crazy stunts and a virtually unscathed vehicle? Check and check.

Most car commercials try to emphasize the first-person driving experience, and how great it feels to drive their car. They expose you to open and picturesque roads, ripe for your ahem, speeding. They don’t show you the things we hate about driving. Traffic. High-maintenance fees. Tight parking spots.

This all makes sense. They want to connect to you. They want you to feel emotionally connected to their product and want it. You want freedom? How about comfort? How about an exhilarating driving experience on a picturesque road? What they’re saying is, this new car will give it to you.

But this commercial is different. It’s unique because it combines art with the thrill of driving. This isn’t just another car commercial. It captures your attention and then holds it, from beginning to end. You’re at the wheel. It takes you on the ride of your life. Then, everything slows down and you can appreciate the beauty of the road. The fragility of nature. And the secure comfort of the BMW M5. It’s over. You’re in awe. Letting go slowly. You walk away with a warmness inside of you. Like you just witnessed something amazing.

With the first-person driving stunts, slow motion scenes, and classical music, this commercial must have been inspired by the movie Drive.

Brand maintenance is all about maintaining an existing brand. BMW is reminding us of the things we love about BMW. It’s sporty. It’s fun. It’s beautiful. You’re a king behind the wheel. BMW doesn’t need to turn cartwheels in desperation for our business. There’s no cheesy dialogue. There is no eccentric driver trying to relate to you. BMW is staying fresh and relevant by playing up its biggest assets. And they know that.

Kudos to BMW’s marketing team for creating such an effective experience that stands out from other car commercials.

What do you think of BMW’s M5 “Bullet” commercial?